Saturday, July 11, 2009

To Reject nihilism and Revive Liberty, Conservatives must lead the charge.
How will we regain our lost liberty and our prosperity? How can we claw our way out of the depths of nihilism back up to our perch in the "Shining City on the hill?"
We [all Americans] must reject the something-for-nothing vision of Hope and Change. We must come to terms with ourselves and recognize that a people cannot live free, if they constantly prey on each other. Similarly, we cannot live free, if we lose our will to live free, and sit idly while organized groups of nihilists overwhelm us with lies broadcast by an equally nihilist news media.
Do we want the freedom we became accustomed to after some 190 years? Or do we seek an "easy" life being tended to and nurtured by wise, benevolent rulers? Rulers whose words are soft and reassuring? Rulers who make promises, but whose only intent is to deceive us, and tax us to smithereens. Rulers who do not want free elections. Rulers who seek to demolish: 1) banking, 2)power generation via steam-cycle, whether by combustion or nuclear, And 3) seek to demolish the moral foundations we cherish. These Rulers also seek to discard our Constitution to replace it with dictates by Tzars.
If we wish to Revive Liberty, the organization we must gird ourselves against is the Democrat Party, with the President of the United States at the top, and supported by a cadre of nihilists typified by Reid and Pelosi. They don’t favor democracy, instead they wish to preside over the demolition of the USA, while they reinvent morality. To understand reinvention of morality, go to:
These Democrats are a humorless bunch who express not the slightest reservation about the murder of the most helpless and innocent among us, third trimester babies. The components in the U.S. Constitution that are our greatest liberties: free speech, religious freedom, right to bear arms, right to own property, and feel secure about ownership are under constant attack by the
Demo/Nihilists. George Orwell had it right, the reverse of ostensible meaning is the true
meaning. "Democrat," is a misnomer. I cannot dignify this Party as the "Democrat Party." The term "Demolisher/nihilist," or "Demo/nihilist" suits much better.

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