Saturday, July 11, 2009

It is sad to say, but Republicans in their current state are not fighting the Demo/nihilists; instead they are toying with the concept of becoming a moderate version of Demo/nihilist. It seems evident they seek to replace the Demos in the selfsame power structure recently created by the Demo/nihilists. This new political creature, the "moderate," doesn’t seek the Shining City. Instead, his/her current aim is to polish a seat at the table of POWER.
To break with this destructive course, Republicans need a Moses or an El Cid, or a Dame Thatcher to point the way to the Shining City. Who can do this job?, you might ask. Answer: Why Dame Palin, Baroness of Wasilla, of course, at the head of a conservative movement. THIS will renew the Republicans. The rallying cry must be: REVIVE LIBERTY. This is the sentiment that can and will bury "Hope and Change." Palin has already proven herself to be effective. The Demo/nihilists and journalists are quaking in their Guccis while they sputter every lie that their perverse minds can conjure. They have already started their "Smush Palin" campaign, just as they started "Smush Bush" when "Dubya" landed on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln. (Boy, did those photos of Bush in flight suit disappear fast!)
I rest my case.
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and join others in the battle to REVIVE LIBERTY.

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